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By own observations and hints Zero heroes, I was able to identify some types of bags and packs that can prove useful. Store bags / bread - should be sewn with thick linen, the blocks also give the excessive resort moisture and the bread to breathe. In this case, no matter the weight of the bag is not (unless somewhere in the world bread sold on weight?), So we can provide a really thick fabric or cloth for storage. Bags of groats, noodles, dried fruits, coffee, tea, etc. - These bags should be string and have very small eyes clamped. They can be made of thin cotton or linen, but fine mesh (to be found under the motto "tulle flexible") will do an even better job. In the following I will show how to sew these bags! Bags of fruit and vegetables - this is useful to the same bags as a meal or (if you buy larger quantities) light shopping bag with handles. Like a bag, so to sew? It is very simple, but I think ... it is not worth sewing. Sam I have a few such pockets because they are usually given as devices for different events. Sewing extra pockets, although that would probably have a larger capacity and nicer, contrary to the healthy human understanding :) Bag / packing for sandwiches - here the interpretation and storage ideas can be very much. I have used for this purpose the linen pennants - can be sewn with this method or finished hem. If you create something extra sandwiches to find among you instructions. Packaging for the purchase and storage of cheese and meat - there is no replacement glass - can tare at the purchase bin. Meat much better stored in glass than plastic because plastic absorbs absorbed from the lagoons. I jars suddenly cease to be embarrassing need to be just the best way to store :) With interesting, IKEA has recently made sensational glass containers that are heat resistant - and it's all great because you remove the meat from the refrigerator without cluttering other ships right in The oven can move :) Packaging for berry fruits and eggs. For soft fruits, such as strawberries, best suited for the baskets and which is combined with the bags. The question of cages is simply super-solved among the people selling fruit because we are usually not motivated for a small down payment to use the same cage for a long time. In the case of eggs, it is not particularly worth inventing because the traditional shaped parts can be super (and their possible excess easily breeders can give). july join job january its it issue island is iron into interesting interest instead inside information industry increase include in important ill if idea ice i husband hurry hundred human however how house hour hotel hot hospital horse hope home holiday hole hold hit history his him high here her help hello / hi held heavy heat heart heard hear health head he have (has, had, having) have hat hard happy happen hand had great from form for follow even end each does differ cause can by but boy big before be at as are Angielski and an also all air add a

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