wtorek, 14 marca 2017

Do you like him, whether you're bored? Meet the body language of a person to be able to read the signals sent by him. Remember to tell when dating gestures more than mouth because none of its movement or grimace should not have escaped. Here are the 10 most common behaviors of men during dating, whose sense is good to know. Staring travels from the eyes to the mouth Long, revealing glance in his eyes, then descends his nose and mouth. This is a typical behavior of men during dating shows that the man is strongly attracted to you and seeks body contact. You can be sure that at this point is not interested in what you say, and do not hear you hear, and his thoughts are more focused on what is going to happen next, or a passionate kiss. He sits and straightens his back When a person has sat so far sideways or slightly toward the you turned the trunk and finally sits down in front of you and straightens his back, meaning that you are more and more interested in it. Change the position reveals the desire to get to know you better. This does not necessarily always mean loving relationship - but the man tries to "feel the ground" and establish friendly relations with you. Does he have a chance, something from it arise? It is not known, but his body language means that you are on the right track. Brushing away with her fingers through his hair in the face This delicate, romantic gesture means that a man is looking for an excuse to make a closer physical contact. When accompanied by a friendly smile, you can rest assured that he will take care of you and wait for you to take care of each other. If, however, his face will look dark or begin to treat you, it can mean that he has a great need for women, 100 percent. It is possible that in the future will strive your will to impose you. Buja in his chair Continuous rocking points forward and backward that man feels somewhat stressed and unsafe. He wants this way tensions in connection with the contact with the other sex. Experts from the body language suggests that this behavior is dictated by the subconscious desire to return mother to arms that once felt safe. Swinging body mimics the rocking baby to sleep. Show him to understand at this point and try to make the atmosphere heartily smile and warm tone of voice easier. Look then to put his legs - if they are based on the fingers, it means joy and satisfaction. Her hair brushes away When a man brushes her lush hair with her fingers and smiles gently at the same time, it means that a kind of "pairing." Pobnie as stroszący bird feathers in front of the hen, it is expected to give attention to its physical attractiveness. This is a gesture that is typical for women about their charm and mostly przykładających significant importance for the outward appearance. If the partner brushes her hair away, you do not look in the eye, without a bright smile, it means that it is unsure of his appearance and what you think about it. This gesture asks you a hint about whether you have a chance. If so, sign a compliment and a warm smile.

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